代表 President CEO Hiroji KAWAI

It is recognized to have characteristics superior energy saving, saving volume, high temperature, anti-radiation, GaN semiconductor electronic device that we are working on, and is an essential device in the 21st century society.
To increase dramatically the power conversion efficiency of power electronics, GaN semiconductor electronic devices, will contribute to the realization of energy saving society. For example, 1. Motor control, 2. Information processing system power, 3. Electric car, 4. Natural energy power generation, 5.Wireless power transmission and so on.

POWDEC commitment is
"POWDEC contributes to the social infrastructure in 21st century through developing/providing Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices" We have been developing power electronic devices to consistently from the crystal growth of GaN semiconductor.
Not only has a long experience in the crystal growth of GaN, we have the unique technology also GaN power semiconductor element.

We offer developed a GaN epitaxial substrate for customers who do the research and development and manufacture of GaN semiconductor. In all areas throughout the device from the wafer, we will continue to contribute to the commercialization of GaN electronic devices in conjunction with customers.

About us

Address <Headquarters/Factory>
1-23-15 Wakagi-cho, Oyama-shi, Tochigi, 323-0028 JAPAN
TEL: +81-285-22-9986,FAX: +81-285-22-9987
Company Purpose Development and Production of Epitaxial Wafers of Nitride Semiconductors
- AlGaN/GaN GaN-HEMT Substrates
- AlGaN/Sapphire Ultra Violet Sensors Substrates
- GaN/Sapphire GaN-Template Substrates
- GaN/Sapphire ELO Substrates
Development of GaN Semiconductor Devices
Capital 50 million yen
Foundation May 15, 2001
Chairperson/PresidentHironobu Narui
DirectorHiroji Kawai
DirectorShuichi Yagi
DirectorMasahiro Hagino
AuditorTatumi Nazuka
AuditorEiichi Yamaguchi
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Ashikaga Bank
Customer Semiconductor Companies, Research Institutes, Universities


2019 Feb
Capital reduced to JPY 50 million without compensation
2013 Oct
Press release on a high-voltage GaN-PSJ transistor on Silicon substrate
2013 May
Headquarter relocated in Oyama, Tochigi Pref.
2013 Apr
NEDO-financed aid project for commercialization of venture business
2012 Jul
Launch of a new 200mm-MOCVD
2012 Feb
Press release on a 6kV-GaN PSJ transistor
2011 Aug
NEDO-financed aid project for energy-saving innovative technology
2011 Mar
Press release on a new structure of HFET
2011 Feb
Facility investment of MOCVD granted by METI
2010 Nov
Press release on GaN vertical diodes
2010 Mar
Completed relocation of plant to Oyama, Tochigi Pref.
2007 Dec
Business and capital alliances with Furukawa Co.
Capital increased to JPY 768 million
2004 Dec
Capital increased to JPY 268 million by venture capitals
2001 Dec
Started operation in Kanagawa Pref.
2001 Nov
Business alliance with ULVAC
2001 May
Founded with a capital of JPY 56 million
Headquartered in Kanagawa Prefecture


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