Powdec is able to perform face-down crystal growth by our unique MOCVD technology. For this reason, high quality thin films with low defect density are realized. We can grow on sapphire substrate, GaN substrate, and SiC substrate. We can prepare single-layer to multi-layer, or electronic device and optical device structure according to customer's request. We support your R & D or small production.
Substrate size is available from 2 inches to 6 inches Powdec’s unique MOCVD technology
Powdec has succeeded in developing a high-voltage, high-current, high-speed power transistor called a polarization super junction. We will support customers who want to use this power transistor or think about commercialization. We can also manufacture and supply your original design devices. For example, we can manufacture LED wafers for micro displays, so please feel free to contact us.
Polarization super junction μLED display

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2018 Mar 17
We announced GaN-PSJ FET with withstand voltage of over 10 kV and GaN-PSJ Schottky Barrier Diode at over 8 kV at the 65 th JSAP Spring Meeting.
2015 Aug
[Newsrelease]POWDEC has developed very low-cost 1,200V rating-voltage GaN power transistors.
2015 Apr 17
The JSAP Spring Meeting,2015 annoced the 「Normally-Off GaN-PSJ FETs」
2014 Sep 19
The JSAP Autumn Meeting,2014 annoced the 「600 V Switching Characteristics of GaN Polarization Super-Junction (PSJ) Transistors on Sapphire substrate」
2013 Oct 03
POWDEC today announced its breakthrough Polarization Super-junction GaN power transistors on silicon substrates for realization.
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