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2018 Mar 17
We announced GaN-PSJ FET with withstand voltage of over 10 kV and GaN-PSJ Schottky Barrier Diode at over 8 kV at the 65 th JSAP Spring Meeting.
2015 Aug
[Newsrelease]POWDEC has developed very low-cost 1,200V rating-voltage GaN power transistors.
2015 Apr 17
The JSAP Spring Meeting,2015 annoced the 「Normally-Off GaN-PSJ FETs」
2014 Sep 19
The JSAP Autumn Meeting,2014 annoced the 「600 V Switching Characteristics of GaN Polarization Super-Junction (PSJ) Transistors on Sapphire substrate」
2013 Oct 03
POWDEC today announced its breakthrough Polarization Super-junction GaN power transistors on silicon substrates for realization.
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